"Vintage" Playing Card Oracles Deck: FINAL INVENTORY

$ 79.00

This is the much requested, very RARE original/vintage Playing Card Oracles Deck, illustrated by C.J. Freeman, and self published by C.J. Freeman and Ana Cortez in 2002. Quantities are extremely limited. LIMIT 2 DECKS PER CUSTOMER. NO RETURNS. 

This is the final inventory of these out-of-print, non-replicable decks. They will sell until they are gone. 

53 cards total, 52 cards plus one signature card. Every card illustrated. Card measurement 3 inches x 4.5 inches. This is the original deck designed to accompany The Playing Card Oracles, A Source Book for Divination.

Back design that goes all the way to borders.

NOTE: This is NOT traditional card stock. It is medium weight paper stock, with very light protective coating. Cards are easily bendable with some color variation between cards. Image detail = outstanding.

Ace of Clubs still bears working title of this self published version (The Picture Book of Madame Zobefore U.S. Games Systems. See photo

These cards were printed before self publishing card technology, on antiquated book press machinery in Denver, CO. Every card was hand punched on a metal press C.J. had custom made, and still bears the tiny punch tabs until it is worn in. Every deck was hand collated by the grandmothers, cousins, aunts and uncles of C.J. and Ana. (See full story of this deck HERE.)

This is a must have part of Playing Card Oracles memorabilia.

No shrink wrap. Comes ribbon tied. 

SPECIAL BONUS ALERT: First 52 customers only receive one set of three additional ALTERNATE CARDS (see photo.) Never before seen alternate versions of the Queen of Hearts, Jack of Diamonds, and original signature card not included in the regular deck. 


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