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Astrology Clock by Ana Cortez
36 Gates Astrological Clock - Timepiece for the New World
36 Gates Astrological Clock - Timepiece for the New World
36 Gates Astrological Clock - Timepiece for the New World
36 Gates Astrological Clock - Timepiece for the New World
36 Gates Astrological Clock - Timepiece for the New World
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36 Gates Astrological Clock - Timepiece for the New World

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Introducing the 36 Gates Astrological Clock* for your wall or other display. A functioning clock and show stopping work of art to deepen your connection to the rhythms of natural time.

This newest creation from Ana Cortez (in partnership with Paykoc Studios) operates manually, on a built-in gear box. It needs no battery or electricity of any kind and it never expires. It's good for every single year - an investment for a lifetime.

The center pyramid acts as a dial, that rotates and points to any date you choose. The gear box underneath evokes the cosmic mystery as you can literally see the gears turning through circular viewing windows.

Follow the peak of your pyramid outward and receive radiating layers of correspondences. Choose what you wish as your focus.

Starting from the center and moving outward toward the edge, what you find are:

  1. center hybrid pyramid with the 9 levels of Mayan Creation, the legendary eye of Egypt, and the Dragon's Egg.
  2. dates of the year, listed in 10 day time periods (that correspond to the Astrological Decans or 36 Gates of Ancient Egyptian Astrology.)
  3. associated playing card, which acts as a study piece or meditation to deepen your understanding of the particular time period.
  4. associated zodiac sign.
  5. the associated element, plus its mystic symbol and magic word.
  6. dots indicate whether your zodiac sign is cardinal, fixed or mutable.
  7. spellbinding quotation from King Solomon, as it relates to the 36 Gates or Astrological Decans.
  8. the degrees of the solar cycle (in 10 degree increments.)
  9. the ancient holidays of natural time: Solstice, Equinox, Samhain, Imbolc, Beltane and Lammas.

Check out and align with your current time period, your birth date (or someone else's,) important upcoming events or significant dates from the past (in any year!) and begin tracing meaningful connections.

The 36 Gates Astrology Clock is perfect on its own, or pair with The Doors of Somlipith (book and playing card set) to illuminate and bring to life the relationship between playing cards and the Astrological Clock. Use code GATEACTIVATION at checkout in the Ana Cortez Store and receive 20% off when you order both the Astrology Clock and The Doors of Somlipith.

*36 Gates Astrological Clock measures 18" across, and is made with real cherry wood in the U.S.A. 
Never force the center pyramid dial when turning. Internal gears are also made of wood and it is normal for them to bind on occasion. When this happens, simply reverse direction until the tension eases up and resume play.

Mounting plate is built-in on the back (see photo). Colored spotlights in photo NOT INCLUDED but available from Amazon here. Also shown is black metal easel (also not included) for table display, and available from Hobby Lobby here.



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