About Us

Ana is co-creator and author of The Playing Card Oracles, and author of the newly released Oracle Alchemy. She is a self described misfit, truth seeker, rule breaker, and freak for the supernatural. Her continuing passion is playing cards and the way they speak.

Ana grew up in a household where new ideas, mythic story telling, and creative thinking were encouraged. Her father (C.J. Freeman,) was an English major, self taught artist, and writer; and her mother (Nancy Backlund Freeman) is an interior designer and artist.

Ana’s father began creating original imagery for playing cards when Ana was in middle school. It was then that he noticed an intelligence coming through his work, tremendous archetypal energy that surprised even him. This is when he began researching the history of cards, most specifically playing cards, to see if there could be an explanation for what was showing up on the canvas.

C.J. was a natural mystic, having continuing communication with the spirit world throughout his lifetime. Often he painted without paint brushes, using only his fingers. Completely without formal training except a high school art class, his only self described technique was, “I let my hand move and see what comes out.” C.J.'s art legacy contains hundreds of images for divination with playing cards.

C.J. also wrote poetry, scripts for television and movies, a novel, and circus style theater performance pieces primarily centered around the themes of dreams and playing cards for divination. Some of this writing can be found in The Playing Card Oracles, and more is planned for publication in 2017.

Ana and C.J. began collaborating in 1994, furthering the original discoveries and techniques with playing cards that C.J. had originated years earlier. Together they created The Playing Card Oracles, A Source Book for Divination, to chronicle the unique work they discovered.