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Ebook - The Picture Book of Madame Zo, Chapter 2: "Angel's Gift"
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Ebook - The Picture Book of Madame Zo, Chapter 2: "Angel's Gift"

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This is the 2nd Chapter in the Madame Zo series. Each chapter is a mini story, complete in itself but part of a larger, esoteric novel. Channeled by CJ Freeman*, the story is told in the first person by Madame Zo, a black woman in the early 1900's.

The name of this chapter is "Angel's Gift." 19 pages including front matter and end page, PDF format.

Cover image © Marina Ferreira.

(Kindle version available at Amazon.)

Chapter 2 excerpt:  "Well, let me tell you, that really start something big happening for Daniel and me. Make us rich folks practically overnight. In no time people lined up outside the Chelsea every morning before we even arrive waiting to talk with the angel who find lost objects. On an average day we turn $30 or better.
This go on awhile, then Daniel move me and the angel into a hotel suite where the three of us take up full-time residence. Live in absolute splendor with all amenities attached. Business is brisk, especially after several local papers write stories about the mysterious Egyptian woman, Zowanda, and her angel. “Find any lost object, $5. By appointment only.”

*CJ Freeman is perhaps best known for his work as Co-Creator and Illustrator of "The Playing Card Oracles."

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