"Tales Told in Rhyme" by CJ Freeman - PDF eBook

$ 6.99

Attention Lovers of Tarot and Playing Card Lore!

It is my pleasure to bring you more of my father's writing. 

***Warning***!! Some of the stories in this book go DARK. (See sample text in photos.) THESE ARE NOT CHILDREN'S STORIES.

Currently most known for his oracle illustrations, CJ Freeman (pseudonym "MDX") was also a prolific writer, with strong occult influence.

"Tales Told in Rhyme" is a book of original short stories in unusual rhyming patterns and ladden with language of the old world. The tales are odd, alarming and riotous. The theme of each relates in some way to a particular card or feature of cards in either Tarot or "The Playing Card Oracles."

Pages are copies of original hand-typed manuscript. 86 pages plus front and end matter. PDF format, downloadable 3 times for 3 different devices.

You will either love this book or hate it. Die without it or burn it at your church gathering.